Avoiding the top 7 legal blunders that jeopardise your business

Legal tips and updates by Rose Attorneys, Cape Town www.roseattorneys.co.za

Setting up a new business is an exciting time. However, few business owners have legal training, and it is remarkably easy to walk straight into a legal pitfall in the early days of your business, completely unaware of the risk that you are creating. In this article, we consider how you can avoid the 7 worst legal missteps when setting up a business.

1. If you are starting a business together with anyone else, it is essential to have a clear and detailed agreement as to what this entails. Each party must have a clear understanding of what is required of them, what they do and do not have the power to do, and what is to happen if the relationship must end. Without these matters being considered and spelled out up-front, conflict is highly likely to ensue. No business will meet its potential unless the co-founders are on the…

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