“Don’t let your last will become your lost will” – the SA Registry of Wills and Testaments

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Young working people increasingly regard having a last will and testament as part and parcel of being a responsible young adult. It is often marriage or another permanent relationship, or the conception or birth of a child, which trigger the awareness that a will is necessary to safeguard one’s dependents.

With wills being drawn at an early age, the chances are good that they will not be called upon for decades, as many who draw their will aged 30 will still live for the better part of half a century. What are the prospects that their loved ones will know that they had a will, and where to find the will, so many years later?

Even where the will is made by a person of advanced years, how many of their loved ones actually know that a will has been made, and where it can be located after death? If the will was left in the…

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